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625-27 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

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 Upcoming Events---

Post Valentine's Single's Mingle

Did Valentine's Day pass you buy? Were you one of those who cursed out all the "cutesy" couples all the while secretly wishing for your own? Dont fret. We're hosting a Post Valentine's day Singles Mingle. All the single ladies and all the single men are getting together on Wednesday February 17th at 6pm to rant about all those touchy feelly folks. This is through Instamour Dating Philly.  Click here for info 

Sour Beer Event

Our 4th annual Sour Beer Event.. Join us Wednesday February 24 at Noon. Be sure to bring along your sour pucker face. We will be pour beers from Stillwater, Almanac, 4 Hands and a bunch of others. Click here for complete info.


Whiskey Tasting With Buffalo Trace Distillery

Join us March 2nd at 7pm as we have invited Meredith Maciolek from Buffalo Trace to host an educational tasting event. She'll be here with charts and graph and slides to drop a whole bunch of knowledge on yous. She is the best at teaching about bourbon without making one feel stupid or without wmaking you feel overwhelmed.  We are tasting four of their bourbons. Click here for all info

 Coffee Beer Brunch

You like getting your buzz on while getting buzzed? Some of our favorite brewers have combined two of everybody favorite things!! Beer & Coffee. We've gotten our hands on some pretty kickass brewes and cant wait to pour them. We think everybody needs a nice jolt to get the weekend started off right. On March 5th starting at 10am we're pour over a dozen different brews everything from Ninkasi, Atwater, Terrapin Tiramisu-hoo, to locals from Lancaster & St. Benjamin. Click here for complete list

Celebrate St. Paddy's

Join us on March 16th at 7:30 pm as we host Tullamore Dew. We have invited the rep to come in and educate all of us on some kick ass Irish Whiskey. Cause whos not Irish in the middle of March. Click here for Info

Get Local With Kinesy

Are you guys familiar with New Liberty Distillery? You should be. They are a local distillery in Northern Liberties and they've bought back an old brand from the long long ago here in philly. Join us March 23rd at 7pm as we host Mike Cozza from New Liberty. He'll be here discussing the history of their brand (Kinsey)  along with what makes them specail and why their spirits are so good!! Click here for all info 

Reoccuring Events:


images-2.jpegEveryone's Favorite Zombie Show is coming back is this week. And its coming back on every lovers favorite day. This valentines day the Walking Dead returns to AMC. WE will be showing every episode with volume at the Barrel House. So do your best zombie walk/ crawl to get here this sunday and every sunday by 9 pm. Grab a cold beer, a specially crafted drink for the dead or some brains to snack on. #GetHere and get ready..




Get ready for the most anticipated series revival to ever hit the small screen. The new X Files!! Mark your calendars!! We are huge fans of the original series. We've seen every episode, both movies and everything in between. We heart Scully and Mulder. We can't wait to watch what they have in store for this upcoming mini series. Join us for every episode, all six of them. Fox is having a two day premiere starting Sunday, January 24th at 10pm, right after the NFC championship game. Then on Monday January 25th at 8pm, which will be the regular night. Join us for some alien conspiracies, out of this world drink specials and our 2 favorite FBI agents.  This series will make all of us "want to believe" again!

#barrelofxfiles   #thetruthisoutthere


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Dry Aging Program !!

We love making food taste better. One delicious way to do that, dry aging. We have recently started in house dry aging meats. We will be making tasty burgers this way. Dry aging is a method to increase the "meatyness" of a meat done by allowing the meat to rest for any number of days under certain conditions. We feel that 30 day is the perfect number for us, leaving a more intense flavor.

Should you like to be notified as we make the dry aged specials please drop us an email.


We are the Barrel House and love all things about barrels, therefore it only makes sense that we create our own deliciousness from such. We started up a barrel aging cocktail program and have been exploring the depths of these  barrels by aging cocktail classics such as Manhattans, Negronis and even vodka (because we can) for a unique twist on the Moscow Mule. Our latest cocktail, Cloudy Thoughts is a gin based libation.  Be sure to stop in to try one while it's still here as it'll surely leave you day dreaming about la la land.

Each different barrel's wood, affects all spirits differently. We strive for quality and superrb flavor from each of our creations and age our drinks for a minimum of 4 weeks.  This aids in imparting a taste that is in a class of it's own.  We are partial for aging whiskey and bourbon but also try our hand at tequila, brandy, gin and vodka.

Come discover how spirits mellow and evolve, and pick up woodsy notes. After a lenghty sleep inside these wooden beds you will be able to taste something never before experienced. Each cocktail will feature a component that was barrel aged or an entirely aged cocktail itself.

If you would like to be notified as we release each cocktail drop us an email. Be there as we release the Krakken, then proceed to taste perfection.

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