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Calling all sour puss'es!!! Guess what? We know yous love sour beers. We know yous love us. So we've decided to combine the two! Yay! Hip Hip Hooray!
On January 21st at 7pm, get ready to pucker suckers as we host our first event of the year. We're serving up a kick ass collection of sour beers. So lick a toad, puck a mother, call your boy Justin, get your Mis, this is gonna be troublesome, cause here gose nothin!

 Arrrrrre.... youuuuuu.... ready.... tooooooo tap?

Check out the line up-

Evil Twin Sour Bikini

Caldera Mother Pucker

Bullfrog Mis En Garde

Evil Twin Justin Blabaer

Off Color Troublesome

Shawnee Craft Gose

Perennial Peach Berlinerweisse

Bullfrog Vertiable Grrz

Destihl Here Gose Nothin'

Destihl Raspberry Berlinerweisse

Bullfrog Toad Licker

Destihl Dissension Black Berlinerweisse

and more!



Behind the Barrel!

A new series where we bring you the Barrel's Brewers!

Behind every great barrel is a great brewer. As the new year rolls out, we here at the Barrel House will be inviting our favorite breweries to come to our restaurant for a little shindig. As our love of craft beer continues to grow we want to learn more about the process of brewing and the folks behind them. We wanna meet the brewers behind the passion we pour! The kind of folks who share our love of beer will truly enjoy this series. True master brewers spend their time learning about different hops, different malts, different grains and how they interact with one another. We are hosting this series because we believe it is important to know where your beer comes from! If you've ever wanted to get close to the brewers this seris will be your chance. #BEHINDTHEBARREL

FIRST UP......



Join us for our inaugural "Behind the Barrel Series" on Thursday Janruary 22, 2015 at 7pm as we invite Neshimainy Creek Brewing Company into our restaurant. We will be hosting Eric Jensen, our beer representative from NCBC along with one of their master craft brewers as they bring 5 of their beers for everyone to enjoy. They will be answering questions, creating merriment, handing out brewey swag and generally being cool dudes! One of the beers crafted just for this event is a firkin of County Line IPA (pouring from our beer engine). It has been infused with generous amounts of pineapple and Citra hops. Plus four others, mark your calendars as you dont wanna miss this event! 

The Beers-


        neshaminator_22oz_label-196x196.png                NEsh_Blitz.preview.jpg.pngmudbank_22oz_label_ver02-196x196.png           bba_punklessdunkel_22oz_label-196x196.png

Valantine's Day is just around the corner! As all those loving couples buy flowers, chocolates and jewelry and whatever else lovers do, you're sitting there wondering if anybody loves you? Why should Valantine's Day be just for those people? It's great that they have each other right? But everybody forgets about the single folks!  Well we here at the Barrel House haven't forgotten about you.  Valentine's Day shouldn't be just for lovers which is why we say, screw that! We are planning a special weekend just for you (starting Thursday, 2/12/15 - Sunday 2/15/15).

Maybe you just got dumped or broke up with your significant other and now you are cursing St. Valantine and cupid. If you feel unimportant, unloved, forgotten, then we have the event for you! This Valantine's Day isn't just for couples, this one's for you, the loner*. We've put together a collection of beers that'll make even your grandmother blush. You'll be able to drown your sorrows and look ahead to better tomorrows. We'll be pouring beers to keep you warm and fuzzy. If you wanna be lovey dovey you can take all that stuff and shove it. You wanna meet cupid you better head to LOVE park. What we have instead for you is beer to help you get through this "holiday."  And who knows you may just be walking out with a Valentine of your own!

*but not only loners (couples welcome too!)

Check out what we have in store to help get you through-- 

-Alesmith Horny Devil (cause lets face it you havent gotten any in a while) 

-Naked Freckles Angry Brown Ale (you'd like to connect those dots!)

-Stillwater Of Love & Regret (in case you find "love" & "regret" it the in morning)

-Clown Shoes Muffin Top (you know your not picky at this point)

-Duclaw's Dirty Little Freak (fingers crossed!)

-Duclaw's Guilty Filthy Soul (because of what you're thinking)

-Duclaw's Misfit Red  (for when you're in the mood for a redhead)

-Thristy Dog Old Leghumper (even that would make you feel special)

-Voodoo's Love Child (here's to you making one)

plus more to warm your heart