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625-27 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

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 Upcoming Events---

As many of you know next month brings us the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) of 2016. America's largest Industry Gathering. That means plenty of beer rarities to geek out on. Think of it as a prelude to Philly Beer Week. Here at the Barrel House we will be hosting a number of Breweries throughout the week. Craft Beer. Craft Delicious. Craft good people. All the infomation you need to plan your week...

Wednesday 5/4 12pm We will be pouring some rare kick ass beers from brewing companies like Trinity, La Cumbre, Burnside, Night Owl,, Wiseacre, and Revolution. 

Wednesday 5/4 @9pm- midnight Exclusive CBC Reception for Wholesaler Partners ONLY

The bar and adjacent bar area will be CLOSED to the public this evening (9pm-midnight) for a private event and is open by Brewery invite ONLY.  The dining room will remain open for diners and drink goers with table servive available during this time.  We thank you in advance for your understanding



Thursday 5/5/16 Happy Hour 4-6pm Highlighting Lakefront Brewery (MILWAKEE, WI) & Sprecher Brewery (GLENDALE, WI)

WELCOME WISCONSIN’s LAKEFRONT & SPRECHER Breweries – Thank you for something better than just cheese!

List of BEERS to be announced when they become available!


 “According to [LAKEFRONT] BREWERY President Russ Klisch, the whole brewery started with his brother, Jim. Near his birthday, Jim expressed interest in beer making, and Russ humored him by giving him a homebrewing book. To Russ’ surprise, Jim read the book, and brewed a beer. By Russ’ account, Jim was no gourmet cook, but he made a pretty good beer. Impressed, Russ decided he could brew one better. In short, sibling rivalry and common interest lead both brothers to begin entering homebrewing contests and winning awards. It wasn’t long before family and friends encouraged them to turn their hobby into a business…. As Lakefront’s popularity grew, so did their production: by 1988, sales jumped to 72 barrels; by 1989, 125 barrels; and sales began doubling after that.

In 1990, owner Russ Klisch built his own bottling machine and began bottling their beer. As the brewery expanded, more used equipment was brought in to meet the demand. Once, a food critic who visited the brewery, commented that they had a “Frankenstein operation”, because all their equipment had lived and died in a previous life. In 1998, production had reached nearly 3,000 barrels in the small 3,600 square foot space, and Jim and Russ decided it was time to move.”



“Sprecher Brewing Co. was founded in 1985 by RANDAL SPRECHER, formerly a brewing supervisor at Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From 1985 to 1994, the brewery was located at 730 W. Oregon Street in Milwaukee's Walker's Point area. Through the first ten years the company grew steadily as more and more people found out about Sprecher's high quality beers and sodas. Finally, the company had outgrown its original facility and began looking for a new location to continue its growth.

In 1994, Sprecher purchased its current building, located at 701 W. Glendale Ave., a former elevator car factory. The new, larger brewery enabled the company to continue growing, and allowed more people to enjoy all of Sprecher's fine products….

… the smaller Micro-Breweries such as Sprecher can focus more on its specialty "Craft Beers" with an eye on the highest quality and tradition of European style brewing.

At the Sprecher Brewing Co. we are proud to participate in Milwaukee's great brewing tradition and we're grateful for the opportunity to present our best to you.“






A whole slew of folks from The Bruery and Bruery Terreux will be in Philadelphia for the Craft Brewers Conference and we'll be stopping by Bainbridge Street Barrel House on May 5th at 7pm to share some special offerings with YOU!


These are the beers that will be on draft:


The Bruery Mischief

The Bruery Or Xata

The Bruery White Oak

The Bruery Mash

The Bruery Chocolate Rain

Bruery Terreux Humulus Terreux

Bruery Terreux Gypsy Tart

Bruery Terreux Oude Tart with Cherries


“The Bruery is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in barrel aged and experimental ales. Founded as a small, friend & family run business in 2008, The Bruery takes it’s unique moniker from founder Patrick Rue’s family surname.

Patrick picked up homebrewing as a hobby, later to become an obsession, as a distraction to the banality of law school. Soon he was winning numerous awards for his beers and driving his wife, Rachel, mad with the messes that he would leave on the kitchen stove. Upon finishing school, he took it upon himself to draw up a business plan rather than study for the California Bar exam – a risky endeavor that shows through still today in the creative, genre-tilting beers that The Bruery prides itself on.

The Bruery is founded on the excitement that Patrick felt in those first years of homebrewing and we continue to strive for that same passion in every aspect of our business today. We never stop challenging ourselves to develop distinctive & imaginative beers, constantly pursuing improvement in all that we do. We brew dozens of original beers each year with our list of ingredients and inspirations growing perpetually. Our collection of oak barrels has also become a primary element of our brewery. Nearly half of our beer is aged in wine or spirit barrels bringing forth flavors reminiscent of the Belgian countryside or classic American distillers.


Bruery Terreux™ is a boutique craft brewery located in

Orange County, CA specializing in farmhouse-style wild and sour ales.  Bruery Terreux is rustic, traditional, familial, yet innovative and independent in spirit.

Founded on an exciting revitalization of age-old traditions blended with current culture and newly forging practices,

Bruery Terreux tells the story of wildly traditional bière™.

Bruery Terreux, which loosely translates from French to “Earthy Bruery” was developed by Patrick Rue of The Bruery as a space to focus on and experiment with wild beers.  While The Bruery had been creating such beers since their foundation in 2008, this new opportunity provides a dedicated space, equipment, and most importantly, staff to concentrate upon and go further within the process than ever before.”



Friday 5/6 @7pm Bunker Brewing Co (Portland, ME) & Finback Brewing Co (Queens, NY) PHILLY WELCOMES THE NEW ‘KIDS’ ON THE BLOCK – 1st time ever to UNLEASH their kick a** brews



“Bunker Brewing Co. is a nano-brewery; an early 21st century small artisan brewery (or at least what we think one should smell, look, taste, and feel like). Located in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland, Maine, our passion is creating the best experimental, traditional, and seasonal brews we can, three and a half barrels at a time. We also believe the future of beer lies in the community of people who supply, brew, and enjoy it. Founded by Chresten Sorensen and Jay Villani in 2011, The Bunker is located in a 1920s era garage of a defunct Portland scrapyard, surrounded by great artisans like Tandem Coffee Roasters, Maine Craft Distilling, and Rising Tide Brewing.”



“Our aim is to make great beer following our passion for flavor and complexity from quality ingredients and small batch artisanal brewing. We brew fun, unique beers made for enjoyment. We like it hoppy and complex, roasty and smoky, strong and sippable to sessionable and gulpable….

…Founded in 2011, Finback Brewery is born from a passion for brewing and experimentation. After a long search combing through back streets, along canals, under bridges and industrial no-mans lands, braving collapsing roofs and cardboard box jungles the brewery found a space in Queens in 2013. Armed with a 20 barrel brewhouse, Finback released its first beers brewed in Queens in January 2014. The brewery is proud to call Queens home and become a part of the diverse and rich culture of the borough…”




Saturday, 5/7 starting @ noon during brunch - all day

Voodoo Brewing (Meadville, PA)



“We at Voodoo Brewing Co. have taken over a decade of Matt’s brewing experience, our quirky personalities and wrapped it up into a line of beers oriented around what we feel are fun, flavorful and thought-provoking. We wish you enjoy our beers as much as we do brewing them.





 For the most recent tap list please check 



We love making food taste better. One delicious way to do that, dry aging. We have recently started in house dry aging meats. We will be making tasty burgers this way. Dry aging is a method to increase the "meatyness" of a meat done by allowing the meat to rest for any number of days under certain conditions. We feel that 30 day is the perfect number for us, leaving a more intense flavor.

Should you like to be notified as we make the dry aged specials please drop us an email.


We are the Barrel House and love all things about barrels, therefore it only makes sense that we create our own deliciousness from such. We started up a barrel aging cocktail program and have been exploring the depths of these  barrels by aging cocktail classics such as Manhattans, Negronis and even vodka (because we can) for a unique twist on the Moscow Mule. Our latest cocktail, Cloudy Thoughts is a gin based libation.  Be sure to stop in to try one while it's still here as it'll surely leave you day dreaming about la la land.

Each different barrel's wood, affects all spirits differently. We strive for quality and superrb flavor from each of our creations and age our drinks for a minimum of 4 weeks.  This aids in imparting a taste that is in a class of it's own.  We are partial for aging whiskey and bourbon but also try our hand at tequila, brandy, gin and vodka.

Come discover how spirits mellow and evolve, and pick up woodsy notes. After a lenghty sleep inside these wooden beds you will be able to taste something never before experienced. Each cocktail will feature a component that was barrel aged or an entirely aged cocktail itself.

If you would like to be notified as we release each cocktail drop us an email. Be there as we release the Krakken, then proceed to taste perfection.

IMG_4024.jpg     IMG_4002.jpg


Join us in May for two more whiskey classes. The first one will be held on Wedsnesday May 11th at 7 pm




The first one will be at the Bainbridge Street Barrel House with Caroline Wiemann, the Jameson Brand Ambassador. Caroline will be describing the fascinating history behind Jameson and we will be exploring the flavor portfolios of Jameson Caskmates, Black Barrel Reserve & Red Breast 12 year. Additionally, we will be finishing the tasting with an original Barrel House cocktail using Jameson Caskmates called, "Chai to Unwind." Light snacks will be provided.  Click the Link. 

The second one will be held on Wedsnesday may 18th at 7pm


 May 18th brings us another installment in our whiskey program as we uncover the story of the renowned Whistle Pig line. On this evening, we will be examining the flavor portfolio of The Boss Hog, Old World & the exclusively released 15 Year Straight Rye Whiskey. This class will lead by representative and sister of the founder, Mira Anne Bhakta.